TPA Client Success: City of Hayward Wins $396,000 Highway Safety Grant

The City of Hayward, a long time client was recently awarded $396,000 from the Highway Safety Improvement Program (HSIP) to address safety concerns for pedestrians and motorists at city two intersections. Townsend Public Affairs, City staff and a consortium of city residents collaborated to identify ways to address the safety concerns and design cost-effective solutions that could be implemented through the grant funds. The end result were strategically placed traffic signals and pedestrian signals that draw motorists attention to the intersections.

Townsend Public Affairs provided technical review and expertise on the grant application ensuring the safety needs were well documented and the solutions identified would address the problems. In addition, TPA worked with the City’s legislative delegation to gain their support and advocacy for the grant application.

The City of Hayward did a fantastic job involving residents in viable solutions to improve motorist and pedestrian safety in the neighborhoods. Congratulations to the City of Hayward!

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