TPA New Client Showcase: City of Duarte

Townsend Public Affairs is proud to highlight a new client, the City of Duarte. Duarte has approximately 21,000 residents and is located in Los Angeles County just south of the San Gabriel Mountains. The City is known as the “City of Health,” as it contains well-known medical centers, and many of its earliest pioneers came to the area in the mid-1800s for their health. Located along historic U.S. Route 66, Duarte has a rich history, which it ardently strives to preserve.

The City of Duarte is currently focused on a three-year plan to improve and enhance the City. Townsend Public Affairs will partner with the City to achieve its goals of improving its infrastructure and facilities; identifying long-term revenue resources; enhancing programs, services and involvement of its youth and families; developing improved communication strategies internally and in the community; and improving the environment.

We are excited to work with the City of Duarte to seek funding for its priorities and projects, advocate on behalf of its issues to State and federal officials, and provide strategic consulting and strategy development. Visit their website,

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