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Johannus Reijnders Returns to Firm as Associate

Townsend Public Affairs is excited to announce that Johannus Reijnders has completed his degree from Fresno State University and has returned to our firm as an Associate in the TPA Central California Office.

Johan brings a wealth experience in grant identification and grant writing to TPA. He has secured significant grant funding for programs and projects on behalf of local public agency, non-profit, and private clients throughout California. His expertise in grant funding spans several policy areas including local governance, parks and recreation, transportation, and education.

Since returning to TPA, Johan has been working closely with local governments and small businesses across the State to help them accessing funding to mitigate the economic impacts from the Coronavirus pandemic. Additionally, he is working closely with the TPA Grants Unit to prepare clients for upcoming grant opportunities in the areas of transportation, parks, and economic development.

We are excited for Johan to continue to help our clients secure funding for their priority projects.

Welcome back Johan!