Anakaren Cervantes

Anakaren brings experience in policy research and writing to TPA. Prior to joining TPA, Anakaren attended Stanford University, where she studied public policy and developed an interest in state and local government. At TPA, she works closely with public agency clients to develop competitive grant applications and advance their funding needs.

Since joining TPA, Anakaren has worked closely with the State Legislature to monitor, analyze and impact legislation that will directly affect TPA clients. Additionally, Anakaren works with our clients to advance their local, regional and statewide funding needs. Anakaren has worked closely with grant agencies to ascertain the key elements to help our clients develop and submit more competitive grant applications to secure funding awards.

Anakaren graduated from Stanford University with a dual Bachelor of Arts degree in History and Public Policy and a Master of Arts degree in Latin American Studies. At Stanford, Anakaren led several public service student groups and worked as a Diversity Associate at the Office of Undergraduate Admission. She focused her studies on social and political history in the U.S. and Latin America, and on social policy in the U.S.

Outside of work, Anakaren enjoys reading non-fiction and fantasy novels, traveling, hiking with friends, and binge-watching her favorite shows.




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