Community Facilities & Recreation

Public spaces, and the community services they provide, are the heart of a city.  Parks, libraries, and community centers provide an array of services beyond the traditional little league team and repository for books- they are on the front lines providing job training, computer labs, afterschool programs, youth mentoring, and socialization for isolated populations.  These resources require significant capital, program and operational support but constantly face the chopping block in difficult times.  Townsend Public Affairs works with local governments and non-profit organizations to keep community resources thriving for years to come. This includes:

  • Funding:  State and federal funding is increasingly competitive as community resources are no longer sustainable through local funding alone.  Through our close relationships with the granting agencies and the legislators that authorize funding, TPA gives our clients a competitive advantage in these significant grant programs to build and support these community resources.  We work with our clients through every step of the funding processing, including the early involvement that is crucial to make sure a grant program is created to fund your project.
  • Legislation:  Legal parameters and prioritization, achieved through legislation, can help community resources target and win diverse funding and diverse program partners, opening up opportunities that were previously inaccessible.  Using the legislative process TPA has enabled unique partnerships between cities, private enterprise, school districts and non-profit organizations, allowing each to access new sources of previously restricted funds.  A proactive legislative agenda can be the key to the long-term sustainability of these vital community resources.

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