Cultural Resources

Museums, science centers, planetariums, historic structures and children’s museums bring life to a community and educate generations of visitors about our past, present, and future.   The government has an intrinsic interest in supporting the cultural infrastructure of our nation and public sector advocacy can play a crucial part in any development plan.  Townsend Public Affairs has brought public capital and program funding to large and small cultural institutions in urban, suburban, and rural communities. This includes:

  • Funding: Our strategic approach builds the local, state, and federal government as a partner helping you execute shared goals for education, community development, and economic stability.  Working with legislators and non-profit interest groups TPA ensures support for cultural institutions is an active state and federal priority through new and continued capital and program support.  We have raised funding for capital campaigns and program support, with our long-term clients receiving funding from every major capital program since 1998.
  • Legislation: Good policy encourages and enable strong partnerships between cultural institutions and government, allowing both to leverage expertise, and facilities, to best serve the community.  Through legislation TPA has created new funding programs and protected local tax revenues used to support cultural institutions.  A strategic legislative agenda also raises the profile of institutions, attracting additional private donors.

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