Housing & Economic Development

Smart development and a strong housing market ensure the vitality of local economies, communities and the local governments that support them.  Coordinated advocacy between the public and private sector can bring tremendous investment to cities of all sizes, improving the lives of residents while bringing long term stability to the tax base.  Townsend Public Affairs works with public agencies and private development enterprises to bring government investment to their projects, making the state and federal government a partner in success. This includes:

  • Funding:  Annual state and federal budgets, state infrastructure bonds, and state and federal agencies and departments authorize billions in funding for economic development, high-need housing, and civic infrastructure.  Without the right navigation you can miss out on one-time funding or spend years pursuing the wrong funding program.   Through careful planning and persistent advocacy TPA has secured funding for legacy projects in communities across the nation.
  • Legislation: Robust development depends on laws and regulations that encourage investment and speedy project approval.  Through proactive legislation TPA has made it easier to track and approve affordable housing starts, leverage private investments in transit oriented development, build safer communities through emergency planning and mitigation, and bring jobs to impoverished areas.  Good policy doesn’t only save money- it creates vibrant communities.

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