Local Government

As all local government entities have experiences, the state and federal government have enormous influence on the ability of local governments to faithfully execute their roles and responsibilities.  With less control over local revenues, more responsibilities, and the loss of effective economic tools, it is more important than ever that local governments aggressively protect their interests at the state and federal level.  Townsend Public Affairs is the only top-ten firm that specializes in advocating on behalf of local government agencies and our strategic combination of legislative and funding advocacy means big results. This includes:

  • Funding: Local governments need to pursue every available, relevant source of government funding to sustain and grow their communities, but with hundreds of programs and applications it is too easy to get overwhelmed endlessly pursuing the same standard programs.  TPA employs a targeted funding strategy that identifies city priorities, matches them with higher-probability grants and authorizations, staffs the city through the application process, and employs legislative and departmental relationships to give cities a competitive advantage.  TPA has used this strategy to secure millions of dollars for our local government clients.
  • Legislation:  Every year state and federal legislation can have enormous impacts on local governments, destroying effective tools, hampering city objectives, limiting revenue collection, or significantly increasing the cost to do business.  The impact can vary tremendously from city to city, and often cities do not realize the true cost until it is too late.  TPA aggressively looks out for a specific interests of our clients and the often overlooking impacts legislation can have.  We also cultivate proactive legislative agendas, helping our cities sponsor bills to solve problems brought on my too much or too little state and federal regulation.

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