TPA Client Success: City of Walnut Creek Parking Legislation Driven Into Law

TPA is proud to announce that Governor Brown signed AB 451 (Bonilla) that was sponsored by the City of Walnut Creek, a TPA client!

The legislation will enable cities and counties to adopt parking ordinances that best facilitate economic activity in their jurisdictions. Specifically, this bill clarifies the ability of cities and counties to authorize the regulation of private parking facilities by their owners and managers.

TPA worked closely with Assembly Member Susan Bonilla to lead the coalition on this bill in order to secure the Governor’s signature.

“I am very pleased that the Governor has signed AB 451and am grateful for Assemblymember Bonilla’s leadership, thus enabling Walnut Creek to continue with its highly successful public/private partnership that has made thousands of parking spaces available to the general public that would have otherwise not been available, and this means that Walnut Creek’s leadership in this area will benefit other communities in the State.” – Bob Simmons, Mayor of Walnut Creek

Thank you Assembly Member Bonilla for your leadership and hard work to transform this bill from an idea into state law. Congratulations to the City of Walnut Creek. And finally, congratulations to TPA Senior Director Niccolo De Luca and TPA Associate Alex Gibbs for your hard work to get the job done for our clients!

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