Meet the Team

Alex Gibbs

Grants Manager

Since joining the firm in 2014, Alex has secured tens of millions of dollars in competitive grant funding from the state and federal government, as well as private organizations, to fund clients’ priority projects.

Areas of policy expertise:

  • Parks and Recreation
  • Natural Resources
  • Cultural and Historical Resources
  • Community Services
  • Public Safety

Previous experience:

  • Legislative Analyst, California State Senate
  • District Representative, California State Senate District 8
  • Deputy Manager, San Francisco Mayoral Campaign

Recreation and Natural Resources:

  • Alex collaborated with state Natural Resources Agency staff to secure a $3,086,000 Urban Greening Grant for the Desert Recreation District. This funded the construction of a new park and sports complex in unincorporated Riverside County. Alex then continued to work with the District on grant administration, ensuring the client was able to see the completion of their legacy project, that had been years in the making.
  • Alex worked closely with City of Novato staff to secure a $220,500 grant from the Food Waste Recovery program at CalRecycle. This funded a local food waste recovery effort in Marin County that allowed the City of Novato to partner with local non-profits and ensure that good food, that otherwise would go to waste, reached food banks and vulnerable residents.
  • Alex has developed relationships with key staff members and stakeholders in the area of Natural Resources and continues to work closely on efforts to provide funding directly to public agencies. Recent examples have included efforts on what became Proposition 68 Parks and Water Bond Act of 2018, as well as ongoing funding to combat wildfires and climate change.
  • Alex collaborated with state and federal Land and Water Conservation Fund staff to secure a $750,000 grant for the City of Imperial. This funded the construction of a 300 plus acre regional park and equestrian center. Alex then continued to work with the City on grant administration, ensuring the client was given the appropriate time to meet deadlines and retain their funding.


  • Alex worked jointly with the City of South San Francisco to secure a $868,000 grant from the Active Transportation Program (ATP). Alex leveraged relationships with the California Department of Transportation and coordinated among local business stakeholders and school officials to craft a competitive grant application to the statewide ATP. This funding helped the City with their Linden and Spruce Avenue Traffic Calming Improvement Project to construct major traffic calming improvements to ensure bike and pedestrian safety at crucial intersections to residential and commercial neighborhoods.
  • Alex worked in concert with the City of South San Francisco to secure a $658,000 grant from the San Mateo County Transportation Authority’s Measure A Pedestrian and Bicycle Program. Alex leveraged relationships with stakeholders in the County to ensure that the City received the funding needed for their Sunshine Gardens Project, including major traffic-calming improvements on streets frequented by students walking and riding bicycles.
  • Alex worked closely with members of the State Legislature to draft and introduce several pieces of transportation legislation, including a bill that allows for pedal powered buses or “beer bikes” to receive licensing directly through the municipalities they operate in. The bill allowed for greater local control and autonomy from the state, by cities and local governments.

Public Safety:

  • Alex has developed broad expertise with respect to public safety policy and funding. In conjunction with local stakeholders, Alex has worked successfully on a variety of public safety issues that affect local public agencies in California, including the fight against the trafficking and exploitation of minors, as well as the protection of local control regarding the manufacturing of medicinal cannabis products.

University of San Francisco, Bachelor of Arts, Politics

Alex’s favorite TPA memory is pouring a beer for Governor Jerry Brown as he climbed aboard a “beer bike” in Sacramento to sign a TPA client sponsored bill into law.

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