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Whether you’re looking for legislative advocacy or grant writing services, we have your back. We have achieved California and federal success in each of the following practice areas, utilizing the extensive experience and seasoned knowledge of our team of advocates and grant writers.


Our country’s transportation infrastructure is critical to keeping us moving. However, our roads, bridges, sidewalks, and rail systems have been neglected for decades. Getting funding and project approval for transportation-based projects can be an uphill battle. We’ve had several legislative wins, including:

  • State bond funding for highway projects
  • Expansion of toll roads

TPA has secured over $877 million for legacy transportation projects.

Housing and Economic Development

Housing and economic development improves stability and vitality while enhancing the lives of residents. However, navigating funding opportunities can be challenging and competitive. We’ve had several legislative wins, including:

  • Expanding affordable housing eligibility
  • Military base re-use land planning
  • Developing post-RDA funding sources

TPA has secured over $794 million for legacy housing and economic development projects.

Water and Sanitation

Supplying clean water to California communities is a complex process with several legislative hurdles, regulatory challenges, and costs. Unfortunately, water and sanitation issues are often put on the back burner until the problem can no longer be ignored. Once it reaches crisis level, public agencies are left responsible for the development and cost. Through legislative advocacy and funding services, we’ve helped our water and sanitation clients access resources to address:

  • Groundwater cleanup
  • Advanced water treatment
  • Water recycling
  • Water distribution infrastructure
  • Local reliability projects
  • Water conservation programs

TPA has secured over $147 million for legacy water and sanitation  projects.

K-12 Education

Education is the cornerstone of a strong, prosperous society. The great thinkers, leaders, and creators of tomorrow are being taught in our classrooms today, but our education systems continue to be dramatically underfunded and face regulatory challenges every year. Supporting educators in our local communities is a core component of TPA’s mission and we have leveraged our expertise to achieve success for our clients in the following areas:

  • Increasing total funding and apportionment formulas
  • Protecting workforce development and CTE programs

TPA has secured over $187 million for legacy K-12 education projects.

Higher Education

TPA is proud to represent a number of community college districts in California. Access to higher education to pursue a degree at a two- or four-year college can dramatically change a person’s life for the better.  We have achieved success for our higher education clients in the following areas:

  • Increasing total base apportionments
  • Promoting flexibility in categorical funding
  • Securing funds for critical facilities

TPA has secured over $110 million for legacy higher education projects.

Recreation and Natural Resources

Recreation and public facilities are the heart of a community. Parks, libraries, and community centers enrich the lives of the city’s citizens and provide countless services and benefits. These programs require significant local government funding and resources, but they tend to have a challenging time getting those resources. We’ve worked with our clients to break out of relying on local governments by expanding to state and federal funding options. We’ve helped our clients pass legislation and secure funding that:

  • Created new funding opportunities for local park projects
  • Allowed joint-use projects with local school districts
  • Secured funding to create new multi-use recreational trails

TPA has secured over $321 million for legacy recreation and natural resources projects.

Public Safety

Protecting the public and providing adequate resources is a concern for many communities. Fire departments, police departments, and emergency management teams need support for equipment and personnel. We’ve achieved many legislative successes on issues relating to:

  • Firefighting equipment
  • Police body cameras
  • Funding for regional public safety task forces
  • Modified funding priorities to address gang activity

TPA has secured over $225 million for legacy public safety projects.

Cultural and Historical Resources

We’re passionate about our work with science centers, zoos, planetariums, aquariums, historic structures, and museums. TPA was first formed after our founder helped secure seed funding from state and federal sources for the Discovery Cube in Santa Ana. We believe communities have a vested interest in making these cultural and historic resources accessible for their residents. Education and advocacy plays a critical role in getting that message across to legislators and in securing the funds to make these projects a reality. Examples of where we’ve helped our clients achieve success include:

  • California Cultural and Historical Endowment
  • Nature Education Facilities Program Funding
  • Direct Budget Appropriations
  • Crafting Proposition 68 and 84 bond legislation and grant guidelines to secure funding

TPA has secured over $154 million for legacy cultural and historical resources projects.

Local Governance

When it comes to local government, we have extensive experience working with a broad range of local jurisdictions and special districts. We help local governments advocate for their interests, and maintain local control, at both the state and federal levels. Our efforts include:

  • Advocating for community priority projects and policies
  • Advocating for funding for public facilities and local programs
  • Advocating for increased efficiencies in government
  • Drafting state and local cannabis regulations

TPA has secured over $900 million for local government legacy projects, in pursuit of our mission to be Champions for Better Communities.

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