Our 4-Step Process for Grant Writing

While each project is different, we take a proven four-step approach to secure grant funding on behalf of our clients.

Craft a Strategic Funding Plan

We start by developing a proactive and comprehensive strategic funding plan that serves the specific needs of each project. We also identify any key “strings attached” that might arise in the pursuit of funding.

Identify, Research, and Monitor Funding Opportunities

We utilize multiple tactics to ensure every grant opportunity is identified and reviewed for relevance with your projects. TPA shares each viable grant opportunity and helps determine if further action is warranted.

Grant Application Development and Submittal

Once a viable funding opportunity is identified, only then do we develop, draft, submit, and follow up on each of your grant applications. Leveraging our relationships, we ensure that each grant application is well positioned for funding. TPA also goes the extra mile to advocate for your application, with key elected officials and decision makers, to make sure it is as compelling as possible.

Comprehensive Follow-Up

Throughout the process, TPA maintains constant communication with our clients, stays updated on the status of the application and the decision making process, and promotes the project’s need and urgency. Once a client is awarded a grant, TPA can assist with any post-award administrative and compliance concerns that may arise. For unsuccessful applications, TPA sets up briefings with the funding agency to determine how an application can improved to increase the likelihood of success in the next round of funding.

Your Legacy Starts Here

Let’s chat about how we can help advance your legislative goals or secure the funding needed to make a difference in your community.

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