Taking Legislative Advocacy and Grant Writing to the Next Level in California and Washington, DC

At TPA, we have an unwavering dedication to achieving results. As seasoned state and federal lobbyist and grant writers, we are committed to providing top-tier advocacy and funding services at the local, state, and federal levels.

Legislative Advocacy and Grant Writing: A Look Behind the Curtain

Most firms focus on one specialty, either legislative advocacy or grant writing. Our team understands that in order to make a difference and accomplish your goals, you have to do it all. We believe a more comprehensive approach is essential to achieving results, which is why we are laser-focused on serving our clients at all levels of government. Our focus on both legislative advocacy and grant writing at the local, state, and federal level sets us apart from other firms.

Championing Your Causes, Building Lasting Legacies

At TPA, we are Champions for Better Communities. Many federal and California lobbying firms are proud to represent large corporate clients. However, we focus on making a difference by partnering with local public agencies to help them tackle unique challenges and create new opportunities. We are committed to championing your causes and helping build a legacy for your community.

We operate at the local, state, and federal levels of government and can give you a voice in every legislative environment to benefit your organization. Whether you are interested in federal or California lobbying, grant writing, or funding advocacy:

Our approach always begins with strategy.

We work to create both legislative and funding opportunities.

We utilize our experience and network of relationships to achieve results.

Your Legacy Starts Here

Let’s chat about how we can help advance your legislative goals or secure the funding needed to make a difference in your community.

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