About TPA

Townsend Public Affairs, Inc. founded in 1998 by Christopher Townsend, helps public agencies, non-profits, and private companies navigate government to achieve results.  Our unique brand of coordinated advocacy services- local, state AND federal- coupled with extraordinary service gives our clients the attention of a boutique firm with the results befitting our status as one of the Top 10 firms in California.

We work with our clients to craft and execute an agenda focused on finding legislative solutions and securing public sector funding for legacy projects at all levels of government.

      • Federal:  Power shifts quickly in Washington DC and a single relationship with your local member of congress is not enough to get projects moving.  TPA has carefully cultivated bi-partisan relationships across the country that allow us to achieve results regardless of the party in power, a tool that is especially helpful when the California delegation is in the minority.  Outside of the Capitol TPA has cultivated relationships with dozens of federal Departments, which increasingly have more and more autonomy and authority, overseeing large pots of discretionary funding and significant regulations.  We use these relationships to secure legislative amendments, influence budget decisions, secure project and policy preference in major reauthorizations, and troubleshoot partnerships with Departments and federal agencies.  TPA has secured millions of dollars  in federal funding since its founding.
      • State:  With state term limits legislators are constantly cycling through Sacramento, relying on staff, consultants, and advocates to provide the relationships and expertise they are just beginning to develop.  TPA works with staff and Legislators from all over the state to solve problems and advance policy objectives through the legislative process, carefully navigating through committees, departmental comments, floor votes, and ultimately the Governor’s desk.   Unique among major advocacy firms, we have built a robust practice in securing funding through state infrastructure bonds.  We are proud to have won millions of dollars in state funding for our clients for projects such as parks, schools, roadways, rail lines, museums, historic buildings, public transit, libraries, water infrastructure, housing developments, and open space.
      • Local: Local government can be a great partner or the source of great frustration. TPA has spent years forming relationships with local governments across the state through our strategically placed office in Northern and Southern California to support our clients in their local needs.  Through local advocacy TPA can break through red tape that delays important projects, pursue a variety of funding programs that are governed by local authorities, or secure lucrative government contracts.

TPA sets our clients on a course to success and is there from project idea to completion, bringing legacy to life.