Legislative Advocacy Achievements

This table provides a brief overview of our legislative advocacy achievements in both California and Washington, DC, demonstrating our policy expertise in each of the identified practice areas.

Local Governance

Local Control and Finance

  • Public Facilities and Finance
  • Public Employee Programs
  • Assessment Programs
  • Infrastructure Financing Opportunities

Public Employee Benefits

  • PEPRA Compliance
  • JPA Benefits
  • Medical Benefits Vesting


  • Drafting Local and State Cannabis Regulations
  • Local Control

Local Streets and Roads

  • State Highway Relinquishments
  • Local Venue Signage on State Highways

State Highway System

  • State Bond Funding for Highway Projects
  • Expansion of Toll Lanes/Toll Roads
Housing and Economic Development

Affordable Housing

  • Developing Funding for Affordable Housing
  • Expanding Affordable Housing Eligibility

Economic Development

  • Capital Investment Incentive Program Expansion
  • Enterprise Zone Program Regulations
  • Military Base Re-Use Land Planning


  • Agency Dissolution Process
  • Developing Post-RDA Funding Sources
  • State Liability Reduction
Water and Sanitation

Water Quality

  • Drinking Water Public Health Regulations
  • Groundwater Pollution Liability
  • Groundwater Management Plans
  • Direct/Indirect Potable Reuse

Water Infrastructure

  • State Bond Funding for Water Projects
  • Local Reliability Projects
  • Water Conservation Programs

Sanitation Infrastructure

  • Integrated Regional Watershed Projects
  • Advanced Water Treatment Facilities

Community College Districts

  • Veterans Resources
  • Alternative Energy Job Training
  • ADA Reform

K-12 School Districts

  • K-12 Safety Planning Programs
  • Joint Use Projects with Civic Agencies

School Facilities

  • Charter School Facilities Funding
  • Community College Facilities Funding
  • K-12 School District Facilities Funding
Recreation and Natural Resources

Park Facilities

  • Joint-Use Projects with School Districts
  • State Bond Funding for Local Park Projects (Propositions 1, 68, and 84)

Greenhouse Gas Reduction

  • TOD Housing to Support Cap and Trade Objectives
  • Increase Transit Accessibility for Active Transportation
Public Safety

Public Health

  • Air Pollution Reduction Methods
  • Treatment of the Remains of the Deceased
  • Veterans Resources

Crime Reduction

  • Sex Trafficking Control
  • Gun Control

Local Law Enforcement

  • Regional Public Safety Task Force Initiatives
  • Increasing Local Police Presence/COPS
  • Police Body Cameras
Cultural and Historical Resources

Cultural Facilities

  • CA Cultural and Historical Endowment
  • CA Nature Education Facilities Program

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