Casey Elliott
State Capitol Director

Casey brings 17 years of legislative and public policy experience to TPA. Casey develops and implements legislative strategies for local public agency clients throughout California. Casey maintains relationships with key members and staff of the State Legislature, the Administration, and select state agencies. Casey has expertise in the policy sectors of municipal finance, budget, redevelopment, education, local governance, water resources, parks and recreation, and cultural resources..

As State Capitol Director, Casey oversees a team of 11 TPA lobbyists registered with the California Secretary of State. Casey has been responsible for developing and implementing the advocacy strategies that transformed dozens of client-sponsored bills into law. He also provides timely expert analysis of the numerous legislative proposals (including State Budget language) introduced each legislative session for their potential effect on TPA clients. Some of Casey’s accomplishments include:

  • Casey helped the City of Oakland sponsor SB 67 (Perata). The bill cracked down on “sideshow” reckless driving and provided local law enforcement with additional tools to deal with these activities. TPA secured bi-partisan support for the legislation and it was signed into law.
  • Casey coordinated the efforts of TPA clients that were members of the “Big Ten Mayors” to work with the Office of the Governor to create a program to address gang problems throughout California. Casey’s efforts with the coalition led to the development and funding of the Governor’s California Gang Reduction, Intervention, and Prevention (CalGRIP) initiative. Furthermore, Casey helped TPA clients secure over $4.2 million in CalGRIP funding since the inception of the program.
  • Casey designed the legislative strategy for the City of Santa Ana to secure an authorization in the State Budget in the amount of $2 million to repair and expand the drinking water infrastructure within the City. Casey work with the Governor and the legislative leadership to ensure funding was provided to the City of Santa Ana to take over the under-funded and under-performing Diamond Park Mutual Water Company.
  • Through his work with the Department of Finance, the Legislature, and the Office of the Governor, Casey has been able to lessen the impact of RDA dissolution on TPA clients. Specific outcomes include: having over $30 million in projects in Santa Ana, Brea, and Hayward recognized as enforceable obligations; facilitating accelerated transfer of former RDA assets in Buena Park to allow for new development; and the passage of legislation to allow expenditure of certain development agency bond proceeds.
  • Casey helped the Rancho Santiago Community College District to sponsor legislation that would help to better track the number of lawsuits lodged against educational institutions, such as community colleges, in California. Casey worked with numerous community colleges and school districts across the state to support the legislation and also coordinated discussions with numerous stakeholders throughout the legislative process. The bill was signed into law, allowing the District and California to understand the issues and the outcomes surrounding accessibility claims.
  • Casey helped the Orange County Water District sponsor the first legislation in the nation that would allow for the bottling of treated recycled water. Casey worked with the Legislature throughout the legislative process and gained support for the bill to ensure its successful passage. The bill was signed into law, thus allowing for the limited bottling of highly treated recycled water produced by the District’s Groundwater Replenishment System.

Prior to joining TPA, Casey worked in the State Capitol for several years and served as a Senior Legislative Assistant to the Office of the Governor as well as a Legislative Analyst to the Secretary of State. Casey was responsible for bill analysis and provided recommendations for bill positions relating to RDA, local governance, workers’ compensation, and education.

Casey graduated from UC Davis with a BA in Political Science and lives in El Dorado Hills with his wife, Lisa, two daughters, Taylor and Riley, and French Bulldog, Rocco. Casey has a passion for wine and serves as sommelier for all company activities; he rounds out his extracurricular activities by participating in a bowling league and is an avid sports fan.



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