Education is a core function of government, but that doesn’t mean the government is looking out for the best interests of the education community.  With the ever present threat of funding cuts or dramatic policy changes an educational entity needs a robust advocacy presence to proactively pursue its goals and defend against harmful policy shifts.  Townsend Public Affairs has over a decade of experience representing public school districts, community college districts, charter schools, and non-profit education organizations with tremendous success.  This includes:

  • Funding: Discretionary funds can do more than create a new program or a new structure; they can provide the flexible funding necessary to re-gain control over tight budgets and allow an organization to keep and expand important services.  TPA has secured additional public sector funding for local districts through grants, earmarks, bonds, and government partnerships.  These funds were used for a range of purposes such as programs, equipment, land acquisition, and facilities.
  • Legislation:  The first line of defense is aggressive engagement with the legislative process to protect against bad state and federal policy.  With that goal fulfilled TPA proactively works with our education clients to sponsors bills that can promote policy goals, secure funding, and reinstate local control.   Client-sponsored education bills have addressed issues such as school facilities, higher education tuition, and local control of school resources.

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