Public Safety

Keeping residents safe with properly supported and staffed police departments, fire departments, and emergency management teams is a public necessity that deserves robust support from the state and federal government.  Too often these crucial systems lack the legal flexibility to put the right team in place for a targeted problem or to invest in new technology, hampering the ability of local forces to protect the population.  Townsend Public Affairs works with cities, police departments, fire departments, hospital districts, and training organizations to help them get the tools they need to serve our communities. This includes:

  • Funding: Federal and state agencies run dozens of programs to support public safety, but with too many projects chasing too few dollars public safety agencies need an edge to stand out amid the sea of applicants.  TPA has fostered relationships with multiple agencies within the Department of Justice, Department of Homeland Security, and the State Attorney General’s office to give our clients new insights into the true funding desires of multiple agencies.  By using our legislative and department allies we have secured millions of dollars in funding for public safety projects, including a 100% win rate for select grant programs.
  • Legislation: A public safety agency only has the tools they are authorized to work with, but state and federal legislative efforts can expand that tool box with tremendous results.  TPA has successfully sponsored legislation for our clients that gave safety agencies tools to crack down on reckless driving, create safer neighborhoods through targeted injunctions, and partner with federal agencies on effective crime mitigation operations.  We are constantly working with our state and federal legislators to empower our communities to protect their residents.

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