Roads, rails, ports, and transit keep us and our economy moving every day, but decades of deferred maintenance have left communities with inadequate transportation infrastructure in need of investment.  With multi-million price tags, multiple jurisdictions, complex permitting procedures, and too many projects competing for too few dollars, getting a transportation project funded and completed is more complicated than ever.  Townsend Public Affairs helps clients identify and pursue every possible funding stream and get through every local, state, and federal regulatory hurdle to build these legacy transportation projects that keep us moving. This includes:

  • Funding:  Every component of a transportation project, from planning and community outreach to design, building, and environmental mitigation, can be funded through local, state, or federal sources with the right partnerships, planning, and long-term vision.  TPA tackles a transportation project from every angle and has brought millions of dollars in funding to road, rail, port, and public transportation projects across the state
  • Legislation: State and federal legislation can mean significant, quick funding or it can mean more costs from project delays and new requirements.  An aggressive pro-transportation legislation agenda can move a project to the front of the line for new or existing funding and can protect approved projects from delays.

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