Water & Sanitation

Supplying clean water to communities across California and the nation is fraught with significant regulatory hurdles and constant infrastructure costs.  Far too often the necessary investment in the lifeblood of the state is perpetually delayed until a near crisis is reached, leaving water districts, sanitation districts, and municipalities holding the bag when repairs and expansion can no longer be ignored.  Public agencies in the water business need to constantly be on the look out for funding sources for these enormous investments while protecting against laws and regulation that come down from Sacramento and Washington, DC.  Townsend Public Affairs represents some of the largest, most innovative water, waste water, and sanitation agencies in the state and helps them capture significant funding while proactively encouraging a positive regulatory climate at the state and federal level. This includes:

  • Funding: Successful water and wastewater agencies should always have a piece of any state water bond and federal water reauthorization, the primary source of public funds available for those crucial infrastructure projects.  TPA has won funding for our clients from every major infrastructure bond and water reauthorization since 1998 to better serve millions of California residents and businesses.
  • Legislation:  The state and federal government are constantly proposing new laws and regulations to govern the storage, delivery, and disposal of water- policies that can significantly impact operations.  TPA protects our clients from these efforts through diligent advocacy on all policy proposals and encourages our clients to proactively introduce legislative proposals to reverse bad laws.  These efforts save millions and help maintain a positive climate for continued operations.

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