TPA Client Success: City of Colton Receives $228,000 Planning Grant

The City of Colton was awarded $228,181 from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development to fund the City’s Focused Sustainable Planning Program (FSPG). The FSPG will facilitate sustainable development implementation projects within the City of Colton. FSPG seeks to promote equity by providing incentives for affordable housing, increase infill and compact development, and revitalize the urban and community center that FSPG is based around. Through the preparation of this revitalization plan, the City will implement new land use and transportation policies that will enable the city to comply with state-mandated regional housing targets through the infill development of its established downtown, rather than through new housing proposed for undeveloped portions of the City.

The City solicited the help of TPA to write, draft and submit the City’s application. Because of TPA’s knowledge and experience with the Sustainable Communities Planning Grant and Incentives Program, the City of Colton was successful with their Round 3 application.

TPA is very proud of this success and congratulates the City of Colton on the grant win!

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