TPA Client Success: City of Emeryville Receives $478,000 Grant for Park Project

TPA and long-time client the City of Emeryville, worked together to secure $477,950 in grant funds through the Housing Related Parks Program (HRP) administered by the Department of Housing and Community Development (HCD). HRP grant funds will be used for the construction and improvement of the City’s upcoming recreation facility, Emeryville Center for Community Life (ECCL). The ECCL project is a revolutionary joint use partnership between the City and Emery Unified School District, which incorporates an elementary, intermediate and high school facility with a library, health clinic and other public entities. The ECCL serves as a multi-use city-school campus and community center offering K-12 education, continual learning, recreational, health and social services for Emeryville citizens. The grant funds will also help with the continued construction of the Center’s gym, sports field, dance studio and pool. This gives an opportunity for low-income residents who do not have easy access to these types of amenities a public space to gather, interact, socialize and learn. Overall, this great public space will contribute to the community’s social, economic, cultural and environmental health.

TPA played a key role in securing the grant funds. TPA coordinated with the City’s leadership to create and implement a strategy that met the City’s goals and financial needs. As a part of our strategy development, we worked to assist the City in crafting an application for funding, advocating to the HCD about the long-term benefits the project would achieve, and ensuring all the necessary requirements were met by the City.

TPA is proud to have taken part in garnering the HRP grant funds, which in turn will further enrich the daily lives of Emeryville’s residents. We extend our congratulations to the City of Emeryville!

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