TPA Client Showcase: Kings Canyon Unified School District and City of Reedley

TPA was proud to join the Kings Canyon Unified School District and the City of Reedley (both TPA clients) at the ribbon-cutting ceremony for their new Central Valley Transportation Center (CVTC). TPA President Christopher Townsend, Central California Director Richard Harmon, Senior Associate Sharon Gonsalves, and Associate Chelsea Vongehr represented the Firm at the event.

The CVTC is a joint project of the District and the City with a mission to provide “Good Jobs, Clean Energy, and Green Education.” CVTC will fulfill these goals by supplementing District and City transportation facilities to accommodate the maintenance and operation of a fleet of up to 115 buses and 35 fleet vehicles as well as provide the only CNG fueling infrastructure open to the public within a 20-mile radius.

The project was partially funded by grants from the California Energy Commission, Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality Program, and the San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Control District.

Congratulations to the District and the City on this achievement that has been a decade in the making, led by Superintendent Juan Garza, City Manager Nicole Zieba, Assistant Superintendent Dr. John Quinto, and Director of Transportation Jason Flores.

TPA has been honored to help the District and the City transform their vision for the CVTC into legacy and we look forward to more opportunities for continued success.

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