Client Success

City of Orange Cove Wins $247,000 Grant for Safe Routes to School Project

TPA congratulates the City of Orange Cove and the Kings Canyon Unified School District (TPA clients) for being awarded a grant in the amount of $247,000 from the Regional Competitive Active Transportation Program (ATP) administered by the Fresno Council of Governments.

The proceeds from this grant will help fund the construction of a comprehensive “Safe Routes To School” project that includes: pedestrian crossing facilities with traffic calming bulb-outs, enhanced visibility crosswalk marketing, and enhanced crossing warning signs; all of which will help to improve the safety of City residents and District students.

This latest achievement is just another example of the efforts by the leadership of the City and the School District to improve the quality of life for their students and families.

It’s also a reflection of the dedication and hard work of TPA Central California Director Richard Harmon and TPA Associate Chelsea Vongehr to ensure a successful grant application.