Client Success

Latino Health Access Receives $4.4 Million Grant and Opens Park Project

Townsend Public Affairs is proud to announce the grand opening of the Green Heart Families Park and Community Center in Santa Ana (Familias Corazones Verdes Park and Community Center). The project was developed by the Latino Health Access, a nonprofit organization founded in 1993 in Santa Ana California, whose mission is to assist in improving the quality of life for the uninsured and under-served, through preventive services and educational programs. The park and 3,000-square-foot community center sits at 602 E. Fourth St. Both the park and community center are part of a larger project known as the “Wellness Corridor,” a two-mile-long walking and biking route into the downtown area.

With the efforts of Townsend Public Affairs to develop an application and advocate in support of funding, the project was awarded a Proposition 84 Statewide Parks grant totaling $4.4 Million in 2010, which would help to pay for the infrastructure needed at the site. Additionally, four parcels of land were generously donated by the City and Northgate Gonzales Makers. Latino Health Access will lease the parcels from the city for $2.00 a year. Townsend Public Affairs is honored to have worked with Latino Health Access on the project and