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City of Hayward Receives $177,000 Grant for Urban Transit Planning

Townsend Public Affairs is excited to announce the California Department of Transportation award to City of Hayward for a $177,060 grant from the Statewide or Urban Transit Planning Studies program. This funding will allow the City of Hayward to study the feasibility of implementing a transit connector service in their industrial employment areas.

Hayward is fortunate to already have two BART stations and bus service through AC Transit. The study will help identify and assess transit connection strategies to optimize the use of Hayward’s existing public transit infrastructure by regional workers that are commuting to its industrial centers.

The identified strategy will facilitate congestion relief on regional highways by enabling commuters to use Hayward’s two BART stations and bus services rather than single occupant vehicles. In addition, the facilitation of better public transportation options will help growing businesses meet the transit needs of their employees, helping them to be more efficient and globally competitive.