Client Success

City of Oakland Receives $4.9 Million in Grants for Public Safety Emergency Center

Townsend Public Affairs assisted the City of Oakland with a grant extension that allowed the City to fully utilize $2.9 Million in federal American Recovery and reinvestment Act (ARRA) Funding.

Because of our relationships with Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), the City was granted a six-month extension to expend the $2.9 million of ARRA funds to develop its Domain Awareness Center (DAC), which will be a central emergency collection location for video feeds and real-time data from critical Port facilities, utility infrastructure and roadways throughout the City. The data gathered at the DAC will be utilized by the Port, City, Oakland Police Department and Oakland Fire Department to improve the response times and coordination of first responders and public safety agencies.

In addition to being awarded the opportunity to expend the $2.9 million in ARRA funding, Oakland will be receiving an additional $2 million from a Port Security Grant from the Port of Oakland to continue work on the Domain Awareness Center. The City has already begun work on Phase 2 of the DAC project, which will continue to enhance System Integrations at the facility over the next 12 months, further strengthening the City’s ability to respond to emergency situations in a timely and coordinated manner.